See Wonderful Indonesia by Visiting Bromo Mountain

(18/8) It was the third day of UM iCamp which had successfully brought the bright face of participants. Bromo Mountain was the main destination of this day. Everyone was so excited to see the ‘Beautiful Malang’, especially Mount Bromo.

We were gathering in UM after the CFD games at 10 AM. All the participants and committees prepared themselves to get ready to go to Mount Bromo. Before leaving from UM, the participants and the committees had a moment of silence in each buses and cars. Then, right on 11 A.M, we were leaving from UM.

On 1.45 PM, our team stopped in the rest area of GSS to take a break and have a lunch. Everyone enjoyed the scenery in the rest area and some of participants and committees bought cilok to have a snack. When 16 Jeeps had already arrived, we were moving soon to the next spot, it was Mount Bromo. We could not drive to Bromo by taking buses or cars because the track was not easy to pass by bus or car, so, for the safety, we must take the jeep.

The trip to Bromo was not boring at all since everyone regaled with beautiful scenery of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Even though the track was scary, everyone satisfied by singing together or just having jokes along the road.

Around 3 PM, finally we arrived close to Bromo Mountain. The first session was taking picture together; then, the next session was to hike Bromo Mountain. Everyone was enthusiastic to hike to the mountain since the surrounding looked amazing and the weather too. We could see and enjoy the sea of sand located at the foot of Mount Bromo that had an area of around 10 square kilometres. When we reached the peak of Mount Bromo, we saw the beautiful crater of Mount Bromo, soft white with sulfur content in it. Some of us hiked until the peak of the mountain but some of us did not, because that day was a little bit sunny and the wind blew so heavy.

When the sunset came, we moved to the next spot, Bukit Teletubies–where we took picture together and saw the sunset. Right on 6 PM, we leaved Bukit Teletubies and on 7 PM, we leaved Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Mount Bromo tourism object located in East Java Province and quite close to Malang is a familiar tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. A visit to Mount Bromo makes UM iCamp 2019 will never disappoint and has become a routine agenda every year.

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