Diversity that Blends through Traditional Games

Playing Bola Lumpur

Peniwen, Kromengan – On August 21 2019, participants of UM iCamp had carried out a series of traditional games at Peniwen Village Cultural Tourism which was around 800 meters away from the camp site. These traditional games were purposed to introduce local wisdom of Indonesia especially traditional games to participants. After having a lunch together, they were led to go to the games spots. The track that required them to walk, made participants unable to remain silent, instead they learnt to exchange languages from their origin countries and had jokes to each other.

When they had arrived in center game spot, the LO explained the rules in playing these traditional games in every post, which were: these games seek for one winner; every group names were the name of Nusantara Foods (Soto, Rendang, Bakso, Rawon); before the participants cued to the games, they had to sing their jargon. Surely, these rules made the games more challenging and fun.

There were five post in these traditional games. The first one was Lomba Bola Tapir where participants were required to wear funnel-shaped mask while they were playing this game. When the music was on, they must dance with face on up, and when the music stopped, they must continue to find the small ball and then kick it to the goal. For those who could do it first, would be the winner. In the next post, named Lomba Makan Krupuk where participants competed to eat the crackers hanging in the raffia without touching it by their hands, those who finished first would be the winner. In the third post, the name of the game was Lomba Sarung Bonding, where each participant was in a back-to-back position to each other, then there was a sarung wrapped around their waist, then they pull together. Those who strongest would be the winner. Next to the fourth spot, there was Lomba Balap Karung, where participants competed to jump from the crisp start to the specified finish. However, it was not ordinary jumping, but they must wear sacks and helmets which required them to practice balance as well. There were some participants who stumbled and then fell, but they still laughed out loud and kept playing this game. In the final post was the most exciting post, Bola Lumpur, which was like futsal but played with hands and in a muddy arena. It could not be avoided that the participant’s body would be covered in mud while playing this game. There were three rounds of this game; Team Rawon vs Team Soto, Team Bakso vs Committees, Female Participants Vs Female Committees. With those who had difficulties moving on muddy ground, making this game invited laughter from the audience too. Somehow, everyone was enjoying this game.

In essence, these traditional games are not only played but also convey the message that background differences between participants and committees can be united even make it become family because of the simple things, it is this traditional games.

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