Batik Workshop Part 2

Peniwen, Kromengan – In this fifth day of UM iCamp 2019, the participants had the second part of Batik Workshop in Balai Pamitran, Peniwen Village, Kromengan sub-district, Malang Regency. They learned about how to make Batik Jumputan which later they were going to make it for udheng. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), as one of the sponsors of UM iCamp, sponsored this session by providing cotton fabrics for udheng. It was the fourth time of BRI to be our sponsorship as well as Bu Ike and Putri, the mentors of batik jumputan making.

Batik Jumputan is actually well known as Tie-Dye nowadays. It is also one of the techniques of batik making in Indonesia. The type of making this batik was by using ropes to make the pattern of the batik which then colored using paint-brushes. There were many kinds to tie the ropes to make the pattern. The participants tied the fabric differently from each other. The one which was tied would remain white while the other parts were colored. The participants were free to choose how to tie their fabric. By using brushes, they could give color to the part which was not tied. They could give different colors to each part. Some of them also wrote UM iCamp 2019 directly using the color. After they finished tying up the fabric, they came up to give water-glass to the fabric by soaking it for a few seconds and let it half-dry. After it half-dry, the participants gave color to the fabric and dried the colored-fabric until it dry. After that, they washed it with cold water only to make the water-glass released from the cold. Then, they let it fully-dried.

During the process of batik making, all the participants were also helped by the LOs. After the batik was already dried, they took pictures of their batik and used it as an udheng. Finally, the batik making session was ended around 5 pm. Then, it was time for home-stay distribution. The participants were divided into groups to stay in 20 houses, accompanied by some committees for each home.

Broaden Your Vistas, Elevate Your Global Endeavour. Learning more than one kind of making batik technique was to add the participants knowledge about Indonesia. They learned another kind of making batik technique that was batik jumputan. Moreover, they had to stay in some villagers’ house in Peniwen to get immersed with Indonesian life. That was a new experience they were gaining.

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