Lit the Night, Lit the Campfire!

Malang – After having a lot of fun and enjoying the beauty of Wedi Awu Beach during water activities, UM iCamp would not let the excitement of the participants faded away. In the evening of the 19th of August 2019, all the participants were gathered at the seashore for the fire camp.

The event was started around 8 pm by the opening speech of the head of the Culture and Tourism Office of Malang, Made Arya Wedhantara. In the speech, Mr. Wedhantara said that the participants should enjoy their time at the beach and they would be delighted to welcome them in the next UM iCamp. 

Without waiting for so long, all the participants were making a big circle around the seashore while the fire camp was lit by the committees. Then, all the participants were turned on the flashlight after the fire on and sang a song by Jessie J – Flashlight to enliven the atmosphere.

That was a very amazing night where all the participants were dancing together around the campfire. The music was played and filled in the night with their laughs. The song of Katy Perry – Firework was really liven up the night. Every participant, committee, staff, and everybody at the beach were so enthusiastic in enjoying the campfire. Everybody was moved to dance when the LOs led them for Taki-Taki Dance. Besides, the song of Lagi Syantiek also lit the excitement of the participants.

Not only singing and dancing, there was also a performance stage where the participants and committees could show off their hidden talents as well as to present their home country. To make it more fun, all the participants changed the clapping hands into saying “Uwuwuwuwuuwwu” with their fingers patting their lips.

Dalavong Houngthong, a participant from Laos, performed a traditional dance from Laos. He said that he was really glad to perform the dance at the beginning of the event since that was he actually wanted to perform for the opening ceremony of UM iCamp 2019. Surprisingly, he was a professional dance for his home country. He was dancing with keep smiling and amuse all the participants. Second performance was from the committee (LO)s that were Iqbal and Jeje. They were performing a Latin dance in duet.

Following the performances, there was a game namely “chikichoi dance” game. Some of the participants were standing in a line and copying the movements of the person on their left. The participants who could not imitate the movement, they would get a punishment. Nelson Sungkim from Malaysia had to sing for his punishment. He sang a Malay song entitled Tinggi-Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu. There were also 2 other persons who got punished. The first was Chen Xingyu/Amber (China). She sang a traditional song from China. The second was Panh Dang Ngoc Anh (Vietnam) which sang a song from Vietnam.

Finally, the performance stage and the culture sharing session was closed by dancing Taki-Taki dance led by Jeje (LO) and Mbak Gloria (the staff of OIA) at around 10 pm. However, all the participants seemed to still enjoy their time sitting in the seashore, roasting the corn, dancing and joking with each other. That was a very beautiful and exciting night which had become an annual event in every UM iCamp program.

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