Warm Welcoming by People of Peniwen Village

Welcoming Dance Performance by Desa Peniwen People

It was such an honour to visit and stay at Peniwen Village after having a camp at Wedi Awu Beach. The Culture and Tourism Office of Malang Regency also sponsored this program in Peniwen Village. The People of Peniwen Village welcomed all the Participants of UM iCamp 2019 warmly. It was an honour that Bu Yekti Andareni (Bu Reni), the responsible person of tourism and culture in Peniwen Village, made everything possible to welcome UM iCamp 2019 to stay and run the program in the village for 3 days. The participants were welcomed at the Balai Pamitran, Peniwen Village, Kromengan sub-district, Malang Regency. The participants of UM iCamp 2019 were welcomed with flower leis. After that, a traditional dance was performed.

Their arrival was welcomed by a traditional dance called Tari Cucuk Lampah, Pager Ayu Bunga Pesona, Pager Bagus Gagah Perkasa. The dance is usually performed for the welcoming of a wedding ceremony. The participants watched and took pictures of the performance. At the very front line of the audiences, Chen Xingyu a.k.a Amber (China) seemed to follow the moves of the dance during the performance. She moved her hands trying to imitate the dance.

“I just want to know the differences and similarities between Chinese and Indonesian or other country’s traditional dances. I learned a Chinese traditional dance simulation for 10 years when I was young. The weather was hot, but it made me move. When Dalavong Houngthong (Laos) was performing a Lao traditional dance last night at the beach, I was also following the moves. And the welcoming of our arrival today, I am very touched with the warm welcome. I really enjoyed the performance,” she said.

After the performance ended, the participants were directed to have lunch, still in Balai Pamitran. The next agenda was Batik Workshop Part 2 in Balai Pamitran also. The room distribution, going to the homestay (Griya Ngaso), would be after the Batik Workshop. Broaden Your Vistas, Elevate Your Global Endeavour. Hopefully, the participants can get immersed in Indonesian life and culture to learn Indonesia more.

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