Welcoming Ceremony by Peniwen Village

Photo Session with Peniwen Village Officials

Malang – (20/8) Since it was the very first night staying in Peniwen village, all the participants were warmly welcomed by Ketuk Lesung performance from elderly women of Peniwen Village. There was a Welcoming Ceremony at Balai Desa of Peniwen (village hall) tonight, on 20 August 2019 (the fifth day of UM iCamp 2019). The event was started at 7.30 pm at the Balai Desa of Peniwen Village that was attended by Plt. Malang Regency, Drs. H. M. Sanusi, MM. The MCs (Master of Ceremony) were Bu Yekti Andareni (the responsible person of tourism and culture in Peniwen Village) andIqbal Darmawan (the committee of UM iCamp 2019). The head of Kromengan subdistrict and Bapak Made Arya Wedhantara (the head of Culture and Tourism Office of Malang Regency) were also attending the welcoming ceremony.

Firstly, before the event started, all the audiences were singing the National Anthem of Indonesia, Indonesia Raya, and continued by a moment of silence and prayer which led by Ibu Purwita, one of the villagers.. After that, to open the event, there was a performance of Indonesian traditional dance namely Remo dance. The dance was presented by a girl from Peniwen Village. The participants were really interested to see the performance. Some of them were taking video of the performance.

The following session was a speech from the program director of UM iCamp 2019, Nabhan F. Choiron. He delivered speech both in Bahasa Indonesia and English. In his speech, Mr. Choiron thanks to all the people of Peniwen for the warm welcome given. He also mentioned that UM iCamp is aimed for introducing Malang as a city of education, tourism and culture. 

Following the speech of the program director, there was also a speech from the representatives of Plt. Malang Regency Mayor, Bapak Agung Purwanto. He also talked in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Through his speech, he said that it was an honour to welcome all the participants of UM iCamp 2019 in Malang. He also gave thanks for choosing Malang. He mentioned that this visit will actually help the area to grow stronger.

After the speeches, there was a performance stage which presented 9 performances from the participants and a performance by the committees. Most of the performances were singing and dancing originally from their respective countries. All the participants looked enthusiastic to show and present their culture. The claps of the audiences were echoing through the hall in every end of the performances. At the end of the event, the committee also performed a dance namely ‘Manuk Dadali’ to close the performances. 

Finally, the event was ended around 10 pm by photo session together and continued by a dinner together with all of the participants and villagers. Broaden Your Vistas, Elevate Your Global Endeavour. A warm welcome presented to the participants will assure them the hospitality of Indonesian people.

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