Nusantara Dance Workshop: Let’s Dance Jawa Timuran!

Traditional dance is one of Indonesian most prominent cultural heritage. UM iCamp offers an opportunity for the participants to learn Indonesian traditional dances. Ibu Tri Wahyuningtyas, S.Pd., M.Si. and her team would teach the dances to the participants at Balai Pamitran, Peniwen village, Kromengan sub-district, Malang Regency, on the sixth day of UM iCamp 2019, 21 August 2019.

At first, the tutors/experts gave a short explanation about the 4 dances. The first dance was Cunduk Menur. This is a dance from Banyuwangi telling us about beautiful Banyuwangi ladies. The second dance was Jathilan, warrior ladies accompanying Prabu Klono Sewandono in proposing Dewi Songgolangit from Ponorogo to Kediri. The third dance was Caplokan, warriors from kucingan (imitating the movements of a cat), represented by mask. It was the enemy of warok. The last dance was Warok. Like jathil, warok also warrior men accompanying Prabu Klono Sewandono in proposing Dewi Songgolangit from Ponorogo to Kediri.

Before tutoring, all the experts performed a demonstration of the dances first to show what the participants were going to learn and practice. Everybody was amazed watching the performance. After giving the demonstration, the participants in collaboration with the LOs of UM iCamp 2019 were divided into 2 big groups of females and 2 big groups of males. After the groups were made, all the participants practiced the dances in Balai Pamitran, Peniwen village, Malang Regency. In practicing the dances, the LOs helped the tutors to interpret and also helped the participants to learn. The participants and LOs would perform the dances for the Closing Ceremony on the next day.

Broaden Your Vistas, Elevate Your Global Endeavour. The participants learned how to practice some traditional dances of Indonesia. They experienced a new culture of Indonesia: practicing Indonesian traditional dances. They would be glad to perform these dances. They can share this experience to their friends some day.

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