[OPEN REGISTRATION] – ReelOzInd! (Australia-Indonesia Short Film Festival)

Hello peers,

Office of International Affairs proudly presents ReelOzInd!. It is an Australia Indonesia Short Film Festival organized by the Australia Indonesia Centre in collaboration with Universitas Negeri Malang.

This is the first year of Universitas Negeri Malang in hosting ReelOzInd!. Early of this November, ReelOzInd! will be jointly held by Universitas Negeri Malang, Office of International Affairs and the Department of English. This Festival offers the academics and students in Malang a wider exposure about Indonesia-Australia film coproduction.

In this Short Film Festival, there will be screened 11 films in total, as followed:

1 Home (Best Young Filmmaker) | Jahvis Loveday, Joy Ben Hur (directors / writers / producers) | Australia | 2018 A girl must leave her hometown, her family, her friends.
2 Melangun (Special Mention Fiction) | Wisnu Dewa Broto (director) | Albertus Prahasta Wibowo (writer) | Sintia Lolita Jesika, Angelia Leanartha (producers) | Indonesia | 2019 A father and his three sons are carrying out melangun, a tradition of the Orang Rimba, and must build a temporary hut to rest before they continue their journey.
3 Pilgrimage (Special Mention Fiction) | Peter Blackburn (director) | Angus Cameron (writer) | Ben Blennerhassett, Peter Blackburn, Angus Cameron (producers) | Australia | 2019 On an annual bush walk, a couple are forced to confront harsh truths about their relationship.
4 Perabuan/ On Ashes (Special Mention Documentary) | Fransiscus Magastowo (director/ producer) | Indonesia | 2018 Aris, a second-generation cremator reflects on the significance of his job.
5 Bad Hair Day (Special Mention Animation) | Dionisius Miki Pratama (director/ writer/ producer) | Indonesia | 2019 Can Jane turn a bad hair day into a better one?
6 My name is Mohamed and Raghad, We don’t exist here anymore (Best Fiction) |Ali Mousawi (director) | Jessica Phoebe Hanna, Wesam Mojahed (writers) | Mohamed Kamel (producer) | Australia | 2019 A one shot, twelve-minute film about a day in the life of an Iranian- Ahwazi asylum seeker family, surviving in Australia.
7 Munchies (Special Mention Animation) | Hayley Warnock (director/ writer) | Australia | 2018 Herbert is pleasantly spending the afternoon in his vegetable garden until he discovers something has been munching on his crops.
8 Divergensi (Special Mention Young Filmmaker) | Jonggi Muhammad K (director/producer) | Albarra (writer) | 2019 A student is treated differently because he has a disability. But his act of kindness will change how others see him.
9 Polychromatic (Special Mention Documentary) | Sarinah Masukor (exec producer) | Diversity Arts Australia A short documentary featuring four Sydney-based emerging curators whose diverse cultural identities inform their curatorial practice.
10 A Daughter’s Memory (Best Film, Best Animation) | Kartika Pratiwi (director/ producer) | Indonesia | 2018  A daughter recalls her memories with her loving father.
11 Posko Palu (Jim Schiller Prize for Best Collaboration between Australian and Indonesian Filmmakers) (Best Documentary) | Tim Barretto (director) | Dery Prananda (ass. director) | Melanie Filler (producer) | Australia, Indonesia | 2019 Three young earthquake and tsunami survivors in Palu, share their reflections in the days following the disaster that destroyed their homes and schools in September 2018.

By holding this festival, we hope we can give an opportunity for academics in Malang to get to know more and improve their understanding about Australian as well as Indonesian culture through the film screening.

The event will be held in the form of watching films together, then continued by open discussion with the main speaker, Dr.Evi Eliyanah.

We will hold the event on:

Date: November 1, 2019

Time: 13.30 – 16.30 WIB

Place: Aula Gedung A3, Lantai 2, Universitas Negeri Malang

Eligibility: open for all high school and university students in Malang

Register requirements:

  • A photo scan of student identity card
  • A photo scan of Letter of Commitment (Surat Pernyataan) – get the letter form in the registration link

*all the documents must be submitted online.

Register now through the link: http://bit.ly/FFROUM2019

Importan dates:

  • Open registration: October 15, 2019
  • Registration closed: October 25, 2019 (12.00 WIB)
  • Announcement: October 26 2019

If you have any queries, you can contact us through the contact person:

+62 819-3979-8544 (Ladyana)

Don’t miss it and save the date.

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