TESTIMONY: Mubaraka Sebyala (KNB Awardee 2013/2014)

TESTIMONY: Mubaraka Sebyala (KNB Awardee 2013/2014)

I am Mubaraka Sebyala born on 28 February 1988 at Mpigi district, Central Uganda, a son to Mr. Ahmed and Mrs. Ahmed Mariam. In 2013 September joined post graduate program at state university of Malang specializing in Economics of Education and in 2015 August completed my master’s degree at state university of Malang with a high distinction grade of 3.81 out of 4.00

My experience in Learning Bahasa Indonesia as a new language at Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia
My Indonesian classes were awesome because I had good teachers, student-teacher relationship was nice in class which helped me to learn quickly the language, the interest to learn the new language, using different learning materials like text books and internet programs like Babbel, interacting with Indonesian natives , the conducive environment at state university of Malang also favored me to learn the language easily , regular attending of classes as well as extensive teaching by teachers , with all that I was able to speak Indonesian language within three months and eased my master’s program where the medium of instruction is Bahasa Indonesia

The reasons for my success in obtaining a high distinction grade are as follows

  • Trust in Allah I trusted God and constantly prayed to him for assistance and indeed I made it.
  • Determination and hard work, like many other people say hard work pays indeed its true I used to read hard and it contributed to my success.
  • Choosing a good topic for research , I formulated my own topic , so I found it interesting and it eased my research leading to my success.
  • Availability of good learning facilities at state university of Malang like libraries and internet created a conducive environment for my studies thus leading to my good performance.
  • Creation of a good relationship with my research supervisors and lecturers , this made consultations easy for me at all levels hence leading to my good performance.

Long live Universitas Negeri Malang!!!!

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