[Info Scholarship] – Dutch Masters Scholarship by Maastricht University

The Maastricht University (UM) Holland-High Potential Scholarship Program is offered by Maastricht University in the city of Maastricht, Netherlands for international students including Indonesia. The scholarship quota offered is 24 seats for various Masters Programs at UM. This Dutch S2 scholarship is a fully funded, including tuition and monthly allowances.

Maastricht University is a public university in the Netherlands that was founded in 1976. The university is internationally oriented so as to create an attractive atmosphere for international students who continue their studies at the campus. Maastricht University also won the top 200 in the QS World University Rankings.


  • Living costs for the duration of the study are € 12,350 (for the 1-year Masters Program) and € 23,750 (for the 2-year Master Program)
  • Health insurance worth € 700
  • The visa fee is € 317
  • Tuition fees are € 13,800, € 15,500 or € 16,800 depending on the intended Masters program.
  • The pre-tuition training fee is € 695.


  • Is a citizen outside the European Union and meets the requirements for obtaining a visa and residence permit in the Netherlands.
  • Do not have dual citizenship with a country in the European Union.
  • Apply for one of the Masters programs mentioned above for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Meet the registration requirements in the intended Masters program.
  • Applicants have never attended school or study in the Netherlands before, except in an exchange program.
  • Under 35 years of age as of September 1, 2020.
  • Have a good academic achievement at the previous level of education, evidenced by a transcript of grades or certificates of achievement.

Registration Files Required:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) with a length of no more than 2 pages A4.
  • Letter of motivation with a length of not more than 1 A4 page. Explain why this scholarship program is important to you, why you should be selected as a recipient of the scholarship, and what tasks you will carry out as a representative ambassador from Maastricht University during the scholarship period and after graduating from college.
  • Proof of academic skills (choose one):
  • Transcript of value that displays the GPA or rank obtained (for example: cumlaude predicate).
  • A letter signed by the Head of Department stating that the applicant was one of the 20 best students in the academic year followed. Also include contact details from the Head of Department.
  • Contact details of the recommendation provider (telephone number and email). Can be from the supervisor.

How to register:

  1. To register in this program, participants can register in advance at the intended Masters program (Apply Master Program). After getting the Student ID Number, complete and complete the Scholarship Application Form at the following link:. Apply Scholarship.
  2. Attach the softcopy of the document file mentioned above, then submit your registration. Next, contact the recommendation giver you mentioned and ask them to fill in the Reference Letter by email: hhp.scholarship@maastrichtuniversity.nl

UM Scholarship will inform the selected candidates from April to May 2020.

If you have something to ask, you can contact email: info.scholarship@aminef.or.id or visit the official website: www.maastrichtuniversity.nl.. Good luck and hopefully useful.

Application Deadline: Saturday, February 1, 2020

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