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Do you want to do something for ASEAN? Do you like volunteering and leadership program? The ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O) is an organization who aims to establish an ASEAN-wide network of youths who will serve as the point lead for outreach in a designated region. The ambassadors will be in charge of publicizing A.Y.O events and recruiting new members into the organization.

1. Graduate or undergraduate students, but high school students are welcomed to apply.

2. Citizen of an ASEAN country.

3. Able to commit at least six months to this program.

4. Are comfortable working in a team.

5. Keen to connect with other like-minded youths in region.

1. Be responsible to outreach to colleges and high school in your community, city, or region; connect other student leaders in your area to A.Y.O.

2.  Assist in publicity of A.Y.O events in your school and on your social media.

3. Plan and execute at least one event with A.Y.O in your community, city, region, and country.

4. Ambassadors should be expected to commit to the program at least six months.

1. Being a part of one of ASEAN’s largest youth-focused and youth-run organization.

2. Gaining international volunteering and leadership experience.

3. Earn a student ambassador’s certificate by A.Y.O.

4. Have the opportunity to be invited to events organized by A.Y.O.

5. Experience the satisfaction of helping young people to develop and achieve their goals.

You can register by click this link  or  click here

Deadline to register

January 17th, 2020.

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