Welcoming Kantor Kerjasama Nasional dan Internasional (KKNI) Universitas Wisnuwardhana (Unidha) Malang

Malang – Office of International Affairs Universitas Negeri Malang (OIA UM) welcomed the arrival of Kantor Kerjasama Nasional dan Internasional (KKNI) of Universitas Wisnuwardhana Malang. The welcoming ceremony was held on Friday (17/1) at 13.30 in the 8th floor of the Graha Rektorat UM Meeting Room.

The opening discussion began with the introduction of OIA UM staff by Mrs. Evi Eliyanah, S.S., M.A (Director of International Affairs UM) to KKNI, followed by an introduction to programs in UM especially in the academic program by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Bafadal, M.Pd (Vice Rector IV).

Mrs. Heni Masruroh, M.Sc as the Chairperson of KKNI Unidha also introduced their members and explained the purpose of their visit was for discussion of the Office of  OIA UM. Unidha KKNI has just been formed, so it still needs more information about international relations. Before the event was held, the KKNI had sent various questions related to the OIA UM Office. Mrs. Evi Eliyanah explained the general description of the OIA UM such as the profile, vision and mission, tasks, participation of OIA UM programs. In addition, Mr. Ibrahim Bafadal also provided additional notes on the track record that had been passed by OIA UM.

The discussion continued with question and answer session, KKNI asked various questions, one of them was “What kind of infrastructure is needed?”, And many other questions were answered in detail by Mrs. Evi also OIA UM staff. The discussion ended with a group photo and token of appreciation to KKNI Unidha.

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