[Info Event] – Volunteer Abroad with Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic 2022

The registration to become a volunteer at Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic 2022 is finally opened. This registration was opened on 5th December 2019 and will be closed on 30th June 2021. Beijing Organisation Committee will recruit 27.000 volunteers from all around the world to be Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and 12.000 volunteers for Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games. There will be two types of volunteers in this event: general and specialist. Those who have skill and expertise in medicine, language, or driving service will be count as specialist volunteers.


  1. Must follow Chinese laws and regulations, be willing to serve the Games on voluntary basis, and accept the guidance and supervision of Beijing 2020.
  2. Must be minimum 18 years old on January 2020
  3. Must have the knowledge and skills that are required for the position
  4. Must be able to effectively communicate in English and/or Chinese
  5. Must be able to participate in all required trainings and provide volunteering services for the games   


  1. Have access to the policies and information about Games volunteers and their positions
  2. Receive training and relevant learning materials
  3. Receive necessary support for their service
  4. Safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests according to the law
  5. Receive appropriate recognition for their excellent service
  6. Make personal request or put forward suggestion to Beijing 2022
  7. Apply to resign working as the volunteer

Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will be hosted on 4th-20th February 2022 and Paralympic Winter Games on 4th-13th February 2022. Accepted volunteers are expected to provide services before, during, and after the games. The specific dates can be different for each position. The service areas are competition venues, training venues and non-competition venues as well as official Games facilities and venues in Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou competition zones.

For further information you can visit https://vol.beijing2022.cn/indexEn.html or contact volunteer@beijing2022.cn.

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