[Open Recruitment UM ICamp 2020 Volunteer]

UM iCamp is an international flagship programme of Universitas Negeri Malang that invites international students from all over the world to a 2-week camp to learn Indonesian language and culture, particularly in Malang.

Therefore, UM iCamp offers university students (both UM or other university students) to get a first-hand experience in organising an international event through UM iCamp 2020 Committee. We are proud of the job that we do and our awesome team with dedicated people can make it. If you got the desire to be a part of UM iCamp 2020 Committee, REGISTER YOURSELF NOW!!

1. LO (Liaison Officer)
LOs are responsible for:
– Liaising between participants and committee.
– Assisting participants throughout the program (full time for two weeks during the program).
– Maintaining fun and joyful ambience during the program.

Additional points:
– Excellent in English.
– Excellent in communication skills.
– Excellent in hospitality.
– Ability to work with various people from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities.
– in any Indonesian Culture (Batik, Dance, Games, etc.)

– Certificate(s) of being an LO in an event (PDF, PNG, or JPG format)
– Stories of your previous experience as an LO in international events.

2. Event Organizer (EO)
Event Organizer is responsible for:
– Designing the whole program of UM iCamp.
– Planning, managing, and organising the whole event in details.
– Scheduling meetings with the whole committee or partners.
– Preparing risk management plans (risks related to event planning and production, so EO must have plan A, B  C, etc.).
– Coordinating with all divisions and ensuring that each activity during the programme runs well.
– Contacting the speakers in each session.

– Certificate(s) of being an EO in an event. (PDF, PNG, or JPEG format)
– Stories of your previous experience as an EO

3. Videographer
Videographer Team is responsible for:
– Video production: planning, filming and editing videos.
– Creating storyboard.
– Taking and recording moments of UM iCamp in the form of video.
– Creating videos of UM iCamp.
– Creating a film of UM iCamp later on.

Additional points:
– Familiar with Adobe Premiere
– Familiar with After Effect
– Having a DSLR/mirrorless camera.
– If you want to apply for this division and will send your portfolio, please send us a link to see your portfolio of videography in the Application Form.

– Link of videos you have produced.

4. Photographer
Photographer Team is responsible for:
– Capturing images of moments, people, places, events, and objects.
– Editing their photos to fit the needs of other divisions (for example Publication, Design, etc.).

Additional points:
– Having a DSLR/mirrorless camera.
– If you want to choose Photography, you may send us the link of your portfolio in the Application Form.

– Photos taken or edited by you (you can send them through a link).

5. Logistics
Logistics Team is responsible for:
– Discussing with other divisions to make a list of things needed in UM iCamp.
– Providing and organising things needed for UM iCamp.
– Distributing things needed to other divisions.
– Ensuring that the right goods are set to the right location and time at a good cost.
– Making a lease/rental agreement to other parties.
– Maintaining all the properties (owned by UM iCamp or rent).
– Decorating rooms of UM iCamp in every location.

6. Catering
Catering Team is responsible for:
– Providing beverages and food in UM iCamp.
– Organizing and controlling catering operations.
– Menu planning (UM iCamp participants have their own special food restrictions or allergies to consider).
– Maintaining kitchen tools.
– Arranging a Budget Plan (RAB).

7. Secretariat
Secretariat Team is responsible for:
– Processing letters and documents
– Data Compilation
– Answering emails
– Managing databases
– Making and Archiving minute-meeting

Additional points:
– Excellent in operating Microsoft Office, gmail and Google Drive
– Proficient in English (written and spoken)
– Flexible to work both at home and at the office

8. Security
Security Team is responsible for:
– Formulating and implementing security plans and strategies (how to protect participants, committees, guests, goods, merchandise, etc.)
– Making sure that participants’ belongings and luggage are safe.
– Building networks with Universitas Negeri Malang security.
– Planning for emergency situation.

9. Transportation
Transportation Team is responsible for:
– Providing transportation for UM iCamp: buses, mini buses, cars, etc.
– Managing and directing the coordination of all transportation matters in UM iCamp.
– Picking up participants from Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang airport, Malang Train Station, and Arjosari Malang Bus Station and take them to the hotel they have reserved near Universitas Negeri Malang.
– Directing participants who have not booked any hotel room in any hotels (with affordable price) near Universitas Negeri Malang.
– Organising schedules and routes.
– Making sure that vehicles are safe.

10. Accommodation
Accommodation Team is responsible for:
– Making a list of hotel recommendations.
– Allocating participants to rooms in hotel during the program.
– Planning every venue used.

11. Sponsorship
Sponsorship Team is responsible for:
– Making a list of companies to approach for UM iCamp Sponsorship.
– Seeking for sponsor to some parties or stakeholders (finance or merchandise)
– Building networks with stakeholders.

12. Merchandise
Merchandise Team is responsible for:
– Planning what merchandise will be distributed to the participants, committees, and other parties.
– Collaborating with suppliers to negotiate prices and quantities.
– Ensuring that the right amounts of merchandise are available.

Additional points:
– Excellent in hospitality

13. Publication
Publication Team is responsible for:
– Designing media for UM iCamp publishing (in a form of pamphlet, brochure, poster, flyer).
– Promoting UM iCamp to all over the world: through websites and social media.
– Social media management (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
– Website content management.
– Writing news articles about UM iCamp.

Additional points:
– Proficient in English.
– Familiar with content creating in social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and website.
– Familiar with journalism.
– You can show us the portfolio of your journalism experience or managing social media/website by sending the link of your portfolio.

– Link of news articles published.
– Link of social media account you have been handling.
– Link of websites that you have created the content.

14. Web Developer
Web Developer Team is responsible for:
– Coding, designing, and layouting of UM iCamp website.
– Creating user-friendly features design and clear navigation of UM iCamp website.

– Link of websites you have been handling.

1. International Networking
2. Multicultural Experience
3. Invaluable Experience (Organising International Event)
4. Enhancing English Skills Communication
5. Recommendation Letter (anytime needed)
6. Orientation
7. Certificate(s)
8. Merchandise UM iCamp 2020

1. A scan of Student ID Card (PDF, PNG, or JPEG max. 1 MB)
2. A Formal Photo in Color with plain red/blue background (4×6 cm, high resolution, max. 1 MB)
3. Application Form (Kindly fill the form and upload the documents in http://bit.ly/volunteerumicamp2020)
Note: Portofolio field in the Application Form is to upload your masterpieces related to the divisions you have chosen.

UM iCamp 2020 will start on 28 July – 11 August 2020. Hence, the preparation will be from now on; March – August 2020.
Tentative Timeline:
Application closed: 23 February 2020
Announcement of Selected Documents: 25 February 2020
Interview: 26-27 February 2020
Announcement of Selected Committee: 29 February 2020
Committee Meeting: 2 March 2020
Preparation of UM iCamp Program: March – August 2020


More Information:
UM iCamp: https://oia.um.ac.id/umicamp
Contact Person by Whatsapp: 085 257 849 570 (Nada)

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