Writing Bootcamp: Penulisan Buku Bunga Rampai

Writing Bootcamp: Penulisan Buku Bunga Rampai Pengalaman Belajar ke Luar Negeri” is a training program for writers in Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) who will write a story based on their experiences when they got a scholarship to study abroad. This event was successfully managed by the Office of International Affairs UM at the OIA Meeting Room on Friday, 13 March 2020. The meaning of Bunga Rampai is a set of chosentexts or stories which are originally made by writers in UM who have any experience in going abroad. Those stories will be made into books so that people, especially students in UM, can read those books and feel inspired. The goal of this book is to share any experiences and to motivate students in UM that going abroad is not scary. 

This event was attended by the Director Office of International Affairs UM, Mrs. Evi Eliyanah, S. S., M. A., Ph. D. In her opening speech, Mrs. Evi expressed her gratitude to the writers who applied for this program and support this writing bootcamp. She hoped that after this book is published, students in UM will have a strong willingness to go abroad and leave their comfort zones to explore something new. She used a metaphor and said that a student who goes abroad is like a stone in the catapult. He or she must be able to survive whenever they are. 

After the opening speech from Mrs. Evi, Mrs. Nurrenzia Yanuar, S.S, M.A, as the presenter, started her presentation. According to Mrs. Renzi, there are several techniques that can be used to make a writing concept. They are clustering, listing and free writing. After a short presentation from Mrs. Renzi, writers had to write their ideas or map concepts about their topic. After that, each of them made an outline about the plot of their story. Their outlines would be helpful for them when they were writing. 

Around 4.30 pm, the writing bootcamp was closed by Mrs. Evi. Again, she said thank you for all the writers’ coming and appreciate it. Some of the writers are from outside of Malang and some needed to leave the class. She was very thankful for this enthusiasm. Before the event ended, Mrs. Evi, Mrs. Renzi, Mr. Nabhan, and all the writers took a photo together as a memory. 

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