DARMASISWA is a scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia to study Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia), art and culture in 72 universities in 2020. This program was established in 1947 as part of ASEAN iniative, admitting only student from ASEAN. However, in 1947 this program was extended further to countries. Until to date, the number of countries participating in this program is more than 185 countries organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC), Republic of Indonesia.

The main purpose of DARMASISWA RI program is to promote and increase the interest in the language, art and culture of Indonesia among youth of other countries. It has also been designed to provide stronger cultural links and understanding among participating countries.


Prospective student are required to register and submit all documents in DARMASISWA RI official website apply.darmasiswa.kemdikbud.go.id. For students who are not in the student’s home country is not allowed to be registered through the Indonesian  Embassy/Consulate General in participating countries (non-citizenship).


a. Online Registration

(Januari 2020 until 2 March 2020)

b. Interview at related KBRI/KJBRI

(4 March 2020 until 13 March 2020)

c. Selection By the University

(15 March 2020 until 3 April 2020)

d. Announcement

(20 April 2020)

e. Attendance Confirmation

(21 April 2020 until 30 April 2020)

f. Final Announcement

(6 May 2020)

g. Flight Itinerary Confirmation

(7 May 2020 until 1 August  2020)

h. Arrival at Jakarta, Indonesia

(29 Agustus 2020)

i. Orientation program at Jakarta, Indonesia

(29 until 31 August 2020)


  • Students monthly stipend will be divided into 2 group of area : 1st area Rp 2.950.000,- (DKI Jakarta, Batam, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Manado, Makassar, Samarinda & Ambon) 2st area Rp 2.550.000,- (Aceh, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Lampung, Bogor, Purwokerto, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakarta & Malang).
  • Students will be provided with accomodation and transportation during the Orientation Program if the time arrival in time with the schedule from the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Students will get settlement allowance if they attend the Orientation Program.
  • Students legal permit arrangement will be supported by the Host University and Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Students may seek assistance from Host of University in finding a house/room to rent which is included in monthly the stipend.


  • Foreign nationals.
  • Completed secondary educations or its equivalent.
  • Minimum age 18 years and Not older than 27 years of age.
  • Able to communicate in English (Proven by English Language Proficiency Certificate : TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS or OTHER CERTIFICATE if applicable).
  • In good healt as proven by Medical Certificate.
  • Have basic knowledge of the field you’re applying.
  • Have good interest to learning about language, art and culture.
  • Not registered as Darmasiswa’s Alumni.
  • Not currently studying in Indonesia.
  • Not currently working in Indonesia.


The Ministry of Education and Culture does not provide the International airfare to/from Indonesia.


  • Curriculum vitae/resume.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • The last high school diploma.
  • Passport valid at least 24 months from registration.
  • Language certificate (if applicable).
  • Other certificated that related to the field you’re applying (if applicable).
  • Recommendation Letter From Education Institution / Professional institution on official lettterhead and signature (in English).
  • Essay about the purpose of study (in English or Bahasa Indonesia maximum 500 words).
  • The video shows full of body and has a maximum duration of 2 minutes to tell about the motivation to join the program and what will be done after the program as an ambassador of Indonesian culture (in English and Indonesian).


Will be receiving the local health insurance provided by BNI Life insurance in collaboration with MoEC

Download poster : https://www.dropbox.com/s/7x316kvbpf32ip5/Darmasiswa.jpg?dl=0 or click here

More information visit https://darmasiswa.kemdikbud.go.id/ or click here

Cp (Whatapps) : (+62) 8129 178 2107

Telp : (+62-21) 5724707 ext. 2616

Youtube : Darmasiswa RI

Instagram : Darmasiswa RI, MoEC




Darmasiswa 2016/2017




No. Nama Negara
1 Alwin Aden Papua New Guinea
2 Beker Fabrice Ramiarijaona Ranto Madagaskar
3 Narinda Alee Thailand
4 Nifatihah Tohming Thailand
5 Nguyen Thi Duc Vietnam
6 Nguyen Thi Lua Vietnam
7 Picthida Seangrat Thailand
8 Rajaonarison Handry Ramoizana Madagaskar
9 Samri Ngoh Thailand
10 Sarimah Chetae Thailand
11 Sofia Nibu Thailand
12 Treenut Khaodee Thailand



Darmasiswa 2015/2016




No. Nama Negara
1 Dilshod Bakhromov Uzbekistan
2 Łukasz Michal Ogrodniczak Poland
3 Minn Thane Kyaw Myanmar
4 Mo Fengling China
5 Nusreeya Tolaema Thailand
6 Roman Zarytskyi Ukraine
7 Yoneda Yume Japan
8 You Il Sang South Korea



Darmasiswa 2014/2015




No. Nama Negara
1 RadiaHakem Algeria
2 Seongmin Nam South Korea
3 AlicjaKlekot Poland
4 ChaninomTosan Nigeria
5 Miteki Kinase Japan
6 Duong Thi Thu Suong Vietnam
7 HibriyahYusoh Thailand
8 EriksSkripsts Latvia
9 DilnozaRashitova Uzbekistan
10 Hamilton Annek Papua New Guinea



Darmasiswa 2013/2014




No. Nama Negara
1 MengPeili China
2 He Xiaoxue China
3 Chen Jinyan China
4 Man Sepiyan Cambodia
5 RakotoariveloKatushia H. Madagascar
6 RakotoarisonRavoNirina Madagascar
7 AllamuratovBekzod Uzbekistan
8 SonaPagacova Slovakia
9 MaseetohBuesa Thailand
10 Anna Lisyuk Ukraine
11 OlenaKoval Ukraine
12 MykholaSavchenko Ukraine



Darmasiswa 2012/2013




No. Nama Negara
1 MiroslavVyrubalik Czech Republic
2 Zsuzsanna More Slovakia
3 Adakoto Juliana Madagascar
4 Magdalena Ciesielska Poland
5 DanaiSopalang Thailand
6 PhuChauPhu Vietnam
7 Joanna KatarzynaGrudzinska Poland
8 TalmiseeWaehama Thailand
9 RattanoprnDanmil Thailand
10 Michal Jan Weglarz Poland



Darmasiswa 2011/2012




No. Nama Negara
1 Ma Chengfeng China
2 Bela Fabian Hungary
3 RabemananaTsilovaMahandry Madagascar
4 RalaivaoHanginiainaEmynorane Madagascar
5 Kozlovskiy Denis Andreevich Russia
6 MaimunahKoona Thailand
7 SaneeSamae Thailand
8 Diana Larchenko Ukraine
9 OlexiyMyshchenko Ukraine
10 OngYanchun Singapore



Darmasiswa 2010/2011




No. Nama Negara
1 KwanchanokKhemkao Thailand
2 NafaisolBasalaha Thailand
3 JirananChumkate Thailand
4 Raymond NobertKacso Romania
5 RazafindrakotoTomponandria N. Madagascar
6 AksaraPacharaHanmontree Thailand
7 Juan Gabriel OropezaWeitz Venezuela



Darmasiswa 2009/2010




No. Nama Negara
1 RazafindrakotoTomponandria N. Madagascar
2 WatcharewanSamaisong Thailand
3 Krzysztof Jan Tokarz Poland



Darmasiswa 2008/2009




No. Nama Negara
1 SaineeThamphu Thailand
2 AnurasaJuntama Thailand
3 TanapornTabsai Thailand
4 TeerapongKonghoy Thailand
5 Teresa Kelnarova Czechoslovakia