State University of Malang has an integrated information system of library that organized by UM Librarians. Visit the website now on

SIPADU (SistemInformasiPerpustakaanTerpadu) Integrated Information Library System




Central Library is one of the technical executive units (Unit PelaksanaTeknis, UPT) in UM. The central library, as the name aptly suggests, is situated right in the middle of the campus. The building which claims a total space of 5.325 m2houses a vast collection of books and other reading and learning materials. The total number of collected materials amount to 100.248 titles with the total number of 159.150 hard copies. The current number of accredited national scientific journals is 33, and the number of magazines and journals written in foreign language is 681. The libraryalso houses 64 seminar/conference proceedings, 64 inaugural speeches of our professors, and a collection ProQuest CD journal from various disciplines. Information on the profile can be accessed at UM’s Central Library’s website: fully digitized institutional repository is accessible at

The official service-hour of the library is 64 hours weekly. Among the services provided by the Library are UM local content, independent loans, access to online journal, reference service, book-of-reserve services, serial services enabling the users to retrieve journals and scientific magazines; information tracking service, photocopy shop, interlibrary service, hotspot and seminar/discussion room. E-journal service is accessible (courtesy of DIKTI, Directorate General of Higher Education) through 3 provider databases, namely ProQuest, Ebsco, and Gale.

Um’s central library actively participates as a contributor for Garuda portal (Digital Reference Repository) which can be accessed at By the end of 2012 the Central Library has uploaded 24.000indicative files containing undergraduate and master theses and doctoral dissertations furnished with their respective abstracts to the portal.


Recently, UM Central Library opened a new café namely Pustaka which provides a place for students to read the books while enjoying a cup of coffee or other beverage.