Prof. Dr. Yazid Basthomi, M.A.

Name Prof. Dr. Yazid Basthomi, M.A.
DOB Kediri, 28 August 1972
Address Jl. Tirto Mulyo VI/1B, Klandungan, Landungsari, Dau, Malang

Besides being a director of International Relation 2015-2019, he is also a professor of Applied Linguistics. He has qualifications of S1 (Undergraduate) in English Learning and Teaching (Education of English, FPBS, IKIP Malang), Master in Applied Linguistics (School of Languages and Intercultural Education, Curtin University of Technology, Australia) and Doctor of English Education (Postgraduate UM). In 2004 and 2005, he involved in Young Scholar in Workshop Series on Southeast Asian Studies in Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore. He conducted audit (sit-in) in Writing for Publication in University of Michigan – Ann Arbor when he was a Fulbright Dissertation Researcher (2005/2006) and was affiliated with English Language Institute. In 20012, he conducted post-doctoral activity and affiliated with Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. A coordinator of Discourse Studies Group,  English Department, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang. Recently, he and a team of lecturers and students conducting a research on developing C-SMILE (Corpus of State University of Malang Indonesian Learner English).