As the Top 19 University in Indonesia (https://ristekdikti.go.id), Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) is committed to strengthen its position among other leading universities in Indonesia. UM is also one of the reputable universities in Indonesia and has continuously tried to provide excellent education and resources for the development of science, research, and technology in Indonesia.
    To enhance its position in a global education sector, Universitas Negeri Malang has cooperated with reputable and committed international academic institutions in various academic-based programs, such as research, students-exchange programs, scholarship programs, and international conferences. These programs facilitate scholars and students from around the globe to experience not only the dynamic of higher-education in Indonesia, but also the vibes of Indonesian cultural diversities.
    Following the success of one of the international partnership programs, the Developing Country Partnership program “Beasiswa Kerjasama Negara Berkembang (KNB)”, Universitas Negeri Malang, through the UM Scholarship program, offers a full-tuition scholarship for non-Indonesian students to pursue Bachelor and Master Degrees at Universitas Negeri Malang. This scholarship program increases the opportunities for students from around the world to engage in various academic and cultural activities that will develop their academic skills and expand their multicultural living experience. At UM, while pursuing academic degrees, the students can build their positive qualities by engaging in educational seminars and by involving in various students' clubs ranging from areas such as cultural, spiritual, musical and other specific interest.

Program Objectives

  1. Contributing to the development of human resources in academic sectors.
  2. Promoting cultural exchange and cross-cultural understanding.
  3. Giving equal opportunities for the students from developing countries and developed countries to pursue higher-education in Indonesia.

Scholarship Coverage and Duration

    The UM-ISS will cover awardee’s:
  1. Indonesian Language Training at Universitas Negeri Malang (max. 5 months);
  2. Tuition fees in any study programs. The maximum durations are:
    • Bachelor degree (max. 5 years)
    • Master degree (max. 3 years)
    • Doctorate degree (max. 4 years)

UM Scholarship Awardees' Responsibilities

    During his/her program, awardees must:
  1. Adhere to the Indonesian constitutions, university, and also scholarship regulations;
  2. Responsible for any other personal expenses (except tuition fees and Indonesia language training program);
  3. Maintain their academic achievements during the programs and complete their studies on time.*

*Awardees’ failure in completing courses or dropping courses without reasonable reasons may result in financial penalty in which awardees may need to return the financial aids that have been received.

Study Programs

For more information about the faculties and study programs in UM, visit the official website of Universitas Negeri Malang by clicking here


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