Collaboration between UM and Fukuoka University

Wednesday, (07/03/2018) Faculty of Mathematics and Science Universitas Negeri Malang held guest lecturer from Fukuoka University Japan attended by Prof. Kenji Mishima, Prof. Moriaki Kamiyama, and Dr. Salim Mustafa, an exert staff of National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN). The theme of the guest lecturer was ‘Research and Development of Film Utilizing Pulser Laser Deosition (PLD) and Material Characterization Using Raman Spectroscopy Technique’. There were 250 students of UM attended this event, ten of which were from Fukuoka University.

The Dean of Mathematics and Science Faculty, Dr. Markus Diantoro, M.Si., stated that one of the aims of organizing this event was to improve international collaboration and publication. Furthermore, Dr. Salim Mustafa said that it was a need to increase the number of researches in Raman Spectrometer field. 

“The Raman spectrometer is widely used in forensic, pharmaceutical, and thin film material research. The success of nanomaterial research is largely determined by analysis tools and elemental composition, atomic bonds, and surface morphology,” Mustafa added.

In this event, UM also got an opportunity to established collaboration with Fukuoka University. Fukuoka University was willing to participate in a program offered by UM that Prof. Kenji Mishima became the speaker in the International Conference on 4 - 5 September 2018, and agreement on the teleconference or policonference involving students and researchers from Faculty of Mathematics and Science UM, Faculty of Engineering UM, Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim, as well as Fukuoka University.

In addition, Dr. Markus Diantoro, M.Si stated that the collaboration shows Fukuoka University’s trust towards UM. Fukuoka University has directly reviewed the potential of collaboration with UM, both from students and lecturers. By having this kind of collaboration, other universities would know more about UM since it will add the link of professional association (


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written by: Lilis Nur H