An Interview with Students of Darmasiswa UM

Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) has just welcomed Ms. Dian, a reporter from Harian Waspada, Jakarta, who came to have an exclusive interview with Darmasiswa students in UM yesterday (02/04). Dian who came to Office of International Affairs (OIA), UM at 10:30 AM started the interview at 10:45 AM which was 15 minutes earlier than the schedule.


Dian started the interview by asking students on why they decide to take Indonesian major and continued to asking the perks of living in Malang, especially in UM Dormitory to some students. As the situation has become comfortable, they started laughing to statements that one or two students made in answering the questions by Dian. An answer that makes the whole meeting room laugh is Akash Kumar’s statement on his singing dangdut hobby. His friends who already knew that he has just won a singing competition then asked him to sing a dangdut song that he likes. It turns out that everyone in the room, including Dian, gives him a big applause for his beautiful voice.


Another funny response from Akash is him saying in a weak voice that he cannot eat sate, a traditional Javanese food. He cannot eat anything that is related to cow since he comes from India. His friend, Fateeha Salae from Thailand who is known as Fateeha, then stated that she likes Indonesian street food such as fried rice and bakso. Her friend, Mai Thi Hoa (Rosa), agreed to her and said that Indonesian food such as fried rice and bakso are very delicious.


The interview was then closed with a closing remark by Dian after hearing the students’ reason on why they are so happy learning Indonesia. “The chance to pursue many achievements are bigger by learning Indonesia, right?” she uttered.


Darmasiswa is a regular program that has run in UM since 2008. It is a non-degree scholarship program provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. The program is offered to students from various countries around the world to learn Indonesian language and culture for 6 to 12 months. Darmasiswa UM, this year, is having 12 students. They are a student from Cambodia, a student from Russia, a student from India, five students from Madagascar, two students from Vietnam, a student from Thailand, and a student from Australia.


Written by: Faizah Zakiyah