PPL/KKN Students Ready to Set Out to Thailand After Debriefing

Universitas Negeri Malang students who are accepted as the participants of Teaching Internship (known as PPL) and Internship (known as KKN) in Thailand are having a debriefing today, Thursday, April 12, 2018. There are 17 final participants who attend the debriefing held in AVA Hall, E6, UM.


Mr. Buya Amran who comes from Thailand, in charge of debriefing them, is giving insightful information and details about how the PPL/KKN works in Thailand. Not only that, he also provides the information about the situation in Thailand for them to know and adapt well later on.


Beside Mr. Amran, Tiffany, a former PPL student in Thailand from UM, also shares her experience when she was in Thailand. In addition to that, she also shares useful tips and tricks to enjoy the journey during PPL/KKN in Thailand for 5 months.


PPL/KKN in Thailand, as what have been known, is an annual program that has started since 2014. The participants who will leave to Thailand on May 9, 2018 will teach Bahasa Indonesia and English at Islamic School Songkhla Krabi and Nakhor Sri Thamarat Thailand. They will stay in free homestays and receive monthly allowance for about 4000 Bath.



Written by: Faizah Zakiyah