ICETEX Scholarships call for foreigners to study in Colombia (2018)

Colombia government is offering full scholarship to foreign students from all around the world in return for international cooperation received by Colombia under existing cooperation agreements. This program is addressed to all countries cooperating with Colombia except for Ecuadorian, Peruvian, and French citizens (the three countries have a program that aims to professionals already).



1st June 2018 (must arrive through the embassies or directly to the International Relations Office of ICETEX)



1.    A foreign professional who has undergraduate degree (university degree/bachelor) in different disciplines

2.    Have a bachelor grade point average (GPA) of 4.0 on the Colombian scale of 1 to 5

3.    Between the ages 25-49 years old

4.    Have at least a year of professional experience in the field of study, after obtaining the degree

5.    Master the Spanish language (reading, writing, and speaking) proven by certificate of competence (DELE TEST)

6.    Have an admission letter from the Colombian educational institution in any career determined in the catalog annex (catalog can be downloaded here:

7.    Must not live in Colombia as well as not have Colombian nationality



1.    Academic excellence

2.    Good balance in academic trajectory, academic program, and work experience

3.    Professional working experience

4.    Study/research project



1.    TUITION FEE (the Colombian universities grant all the costs only for academic programs found in the catalog of this call)

2.    STIPEND FOR BOOKS AND MATERIALS ($401.321 COP for once at the beginning of the program)

3.    MONTHLY ALLOWANCE ($2.343.726 COP, equivalent to 3 Minimum Monthly Legal salaries)

4.    HEALTH INSURANCE (wide coverage in medical assistance only in Colombia during the period of studies)

5.    INSTALLATION COSTS ($401.321 COP for once at the beginning of the program)

6.    INCIDENTAL (grant of $208,853 COP for once in the period of studies, in case of circumstances that go beyond the beneficiary control)



1.    Printed document proving the application to this call attached with other required documents

2.    Certified copy of authentication of degree title (must be made by the competent authority of the applicant’s country)

3.    Admission letter from the Colombian university (may apply to more than 1 university listed in the catalog)

4.    Certificate of academic grades with GPA (can be in the form of transcript and it is necessary that the university certificates the scale of grades and the minimum passing grade in order to establish a comparison with the Colombian system of qualification)

5.    Certificate of professional experience (post-year college degree, specifies position, functions and a date of start and finalization in this position)

6.    Two presentation letters (application documents should be sent to ICETEX through the Embassy from the country of origin of the applicant in Colombia. In case of absence of diplomatic representation in Colombia, the applicant must send it directly to ICETEX)

7.    Certificate of “DELE TEST” to proof the proficiency in Spanish language (must have a minimum level of B2) or other certificate of proficiency that guarantees the level of Spanish language

8.    Curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)

9.    Copy of valid passport

10. Essay asserting on the importance of studying in Colombia and the impact of that experience in their personal and professional lives and how will the application be when the applicant returns to his/her origin country (max. 2 pages)

11. Health certificate (may not be valid if it was issued for more than thirty days from the time of applying)

12. Recommendation letter issued by a professor at the university where the applicant completed the studies



1.    Scholarships will have a maximum of 12 months for specialization, 24 months for master, and 36 months for doctorate.

2.    The scholarships are awarded on an annual term that programs with more than 12-month-period of time must request an extension for the following year/month. The extension is subject to the requirements of the ICETEX.

3.    The scholarship does not cover the period of degree work, neither internships nor field studies.

4.    If the applicant renounces to the scholarship, he/she must send a formal and justified letter and he/she may not apply in a period of two years to the call for scholarships for foreign students.

5.    Applicants are not allowed to change the academic program or university after selected as candidate.

6.    After selected, the Government of Colombia will provide courtesy visa.

7.    The documents submitted for this call will not be returned to the candidate.

8.    The process of admission to Colombian universities must be done from applicant’s country of origin and before submitting the scholarship application to the ICETEX.

9.    All cost during the admission to the respective universities are covered by the applicants.

10. The applicant’s research work should be developed based on a priority issue for Colombia and completed within the regular period of study.

11. All required documents must be translated into Spanish by official translator(s). Applicants are not allowed to translate them themselves.

12. For the academic programs offered by the Colombian academic institutions involving the displacement of the student abroad of Colombia, the living expenses, health and others, shall be assumed by the student’s own resources,

13. It is recommended to have sufficient resources to support living expenses during the first month and a half, equivalent to 950 USD.

14. The coverage of scholarship is effective from the date of starting of academic program informed by the university in the admission letter.

15. The coverage of the scholarship, courtesy visa, and health insurance are not extended to spouses and children.

16. Selected candidates must inform ICETEX to date of entry into the country 10 days before coming to Colombia.

17. Candidates who have been granted a scholarship through the ICETEX must wait two years, counted from the date of completion of the program to reapply for another international scholarship from ICETEX.


Further information, please access:


Any kind of questions should be addressed to:

Camilo Hernando Cardona Beltrán
Communications and Youth Affairs / Embassy of Colombia in Indonesia 
( +62(21)57903560 Fax: +62(21)52905217 Mobile: +6281296782819 )

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