The Announcement of OALS Best Final Project

One Asia Lecture Series (OALS), held from November 2017 to February 2018, officially ends with the closing and announcement of the award by Chairman of One Asia Foundation. However, the ongoing research project from OALS did not stop there and then. This project continues until the final decision of the project team.


The team that managed to win the final project is a group consisting of Doddy Dwi Wahyuwono and Fadhil Ramadhani from English Language Teaching of Faculty of Letters as well as Tyas Ayu Putri Kuswanto from Public Health of Faculty of Sports Science. The team decides on the final project of a documentary video entitled "My Asian Cuisine Journey in Malang."


The selection of the best final project is not done carelessly. There are several criteria such as creativity, product design, and content. On the content side, the team almost got a perfect score with a clear indication of the criterion of critical thinking, reasoning, logical argument and relevance between the product and the idea. In addition, the three of them also almost got a perfect score in the assessment of product design because their work has clear indication of novelty, uniqueness, originality, potential contribution. Meanwhile, their group gets a perfect score on product design because of the excellent quality of product design, storyboard, and visual presentation.


The three winners also received additional awards for the achievement of their outstanding project. All three were invited by the Vice Rector IV of Universitas Negeri Malang and awarded a prize of IDR 7,500,000. Hopefully, there will be other opportunities similar to OALS in future at UM so that more UM students can participate in making outstanding projects like these three students.



Reporter: Faizah Zakiyah

Web Editor: Youngga Rega