Visit from Embassy of Brazil in Jakarta

Malang - Embassy of Brazil in Jakarta has just visited Universitas Negeri Malang on May 16, 2018. The visit by Mr. Hugo Lorenzetti Neto, as the representative of Embassy Brazil in Jakarta was to strengthen bilateral relationship between Brazil and Indonesia, especially through seminars in universities. Prof. AH Rofi’udin as well as several officials of UM hosted the visit in Ruang Kerja Rektor UM at Graha Rektorat. The visit itself lasted only for two hours since Mr. Hugo had to become the speaker of the seminar held by Office of International Affairs UM.


The seminar with the theme ‘Culture and Education: Platform for the Indonesian-Brazilian Cooperation’ was held to help UM students to be aware of the relationship between Indonesia and Brazil. Not only attended by UM students, the seminar was also attended by several representative of Office of International Affairs from universities around Malang to broaden the understanding about bilateral relationship in Malang as well. Through this kind of visit and seminar, we can hope the international relationship, not only with Brazil but also with other countries, will improve better.


Reporter: Faizah Zakiyah