The Closing Ceremony for Darmasiswa RI 2017/2018 Program

Malang – The Darmasiswa RI 2017/2018 Program was finally officially closed on Friday (10/8). The busy organizers consisting of staff and interns from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) of Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) in preparing the event were able to make the event run smoothly. Although it started a little late, the event run very well.


The event began with a speech from the Director of the OIA UM, Prof. Dr. Yazid Basthomi, M.A, followed by the cutting of the tumpeng. The cutting of the tumpeng is considered as a symbol of the official completion of the study period from the Darmasiswa Program 2017/2018 today. "Bismillahirrohmanirrohim ... Allahumma ... Bariklana ...," Mr. Yazid’s prayer made the whole room laugh during the process.


Not only cutting the tumpeng, the event was also enlivened by a dance performance from the two students of the Darmasiswa Program, Sahoby and Silami. The two students who came all the way from Madagascar to learn Indonesian culture and language successfully performed one of the traditional dances from Indonesia. The entire audience also cheered happily watching their beautiful dance.


After the dance performance, Akash and Rosa as representatives of students gave their messages and impressions after a full year of study at UM through the Darmasiswa Program. In contrast to Akash who delivered the message and his impression in a joke, Rosa conveyed it while sobbing. "I am very happy to experience new things here. When I go home, they (her family) will know one new Rosa," she said between tears.


After giving touching impression and messages, the students were called one by one to be recieve their certificate of their activeness for one year studying at UM. Although some students have returned home, students in the room proudly take pictures together showing their certificates accompanied by Mr. Yazid, Mrs. Ike as lecturer in batik classes, and Mrs. Tri as lecturer in dance classes.


The program was closed with shared meals and informal performances from students. Akash, who likes to sing, is also happy to invite Mr. Yazid and other friends in the room to sing with him.


The Darmasiswa Program is an annual program to learn Indonesian Language, art and culture under the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This program is a scholarship program that is given to all foreign students from countries that have diplomatic relations with Indonesia. Prospective students can choose one of the selected universities located in various cities in Indonesia, such as UM.