[Open Application] DB Schenker Internships

As one of the world biggest company that provide transprtation and logistic service, Deutsche Bahn invites undergraduate students to be a part of DB schenker and gives them an oportunity to experience what it is like to work with one of the biggest company in the world and learn international culture.

Internship eligibility:

·      An undergraduate student on his/her last phase.

·      Enrolled for the entire scholarship duration.

·      Excellent grades with logistics, economics, or a comparable subject as key area of study

·      Availabe for six months

·      Practical work experience preferred

·      Fluent in English

·      Proficiency in Microsoft Office

·      Having confidence and willingness to take initiative

Internship details:

Because they offer so many oportunities and positions in many places around the world, if you are interested on their internships, you can check what is available and when it will be started at

https://www.dbschenker.com/global/careers/jobs and change the career level on student level.

How to apply:

·         Send them email

·         Send them your document via post

·         Send them email or post on currently unavailable positions for speculative application

Thing’s to be noted here :

Ø Their contact information could be found on job details on their site (https://www.dbschenker.com/global/careers/jobs)

Ø Don’t forget to include your :

1.    Cover Letter

2.    Curriculum Vitae in tabular form

3.    Relevant certificate

4.    References suited for desired positions

Add your personal touch to express who you are and why you are applying as it is imporant for them to know who you are. You can also add motivation to your CV.

Should you have further quiries, please kindly access: :