Welcoming Ceremony for 30 International Students

Universitas Negeri Malang held a welcoming ceremony for the new international students on 27 September 2016. Those students came from various country, such as USA, Madagascar, Tanzania, Comoro, Vietnam, Hungary, Mauritius, Thailand, etc. There are six students who are provided with KNB Scholarship to pursue their master's degree for two-years of study; 12 students are provided with Darmasiswa Scholarship to learn Indonesian Language and Culture for one-year of study; two students provided with IOP Program for learning about Indonesian Language and Culture for one year; nine students from Yala Rajabhat University students are also interning for 4 months;and one student is provided with KNB Scheme Scholarship to learn Indonesian Culture for four months.

Different with last year, the students were enthusiastically taking active participation in this program. There was a number of Chinese students who also taking a part on the welcoming ceremony. The students enjoy their performance in singing, dancing, giving speech, and fashion show. Mr. Yazid Basthomi, as Director of Office of International Affairs gave a speech about the development of International Students quantitative amount this year. In total, there are 50 international students who were currently studying in Universitas Negeri Malang.