The Wonderful UM iCamp You Can Only Experience in Malang


Malang – UM iCAMP 2016 event has been started yesterday – November 8, 2016. Through the morning to afternoon, 65 participants from 44 countries were mobilized to Lembah Tumpang Resort, Slamet Village, Malang. 


Office of International Affairs Universitas Negeri Malang had been sucessfully held the opening ceremony of UM iCAMP 2016, last night (8/11). Located at Graha Cakrawala Building, the venue attended by approximately 340 invitees. The opening ceremony which combined with Duta Kampus event, has successfully demonstrated the culture of Malang by presenting Tari Topeng (Mask dance), theatrical pre-wedding fashion show, and band performance. 


Four professors as the representatives from Iqra’ University (Pakistan) were also attending the UM iCAMP 2016.


The event finished around 10.30 pm then the whole participants and committees whom provided with Jeep went to Bromo Mountain to catch the view of sunrise there. Bromo Mountain is a well-known tourism spot in the edge of Malang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo districts. It is expected that the participants will get an unforgettable wonderful experience during their visitation in Malang that will engrave the beauty of Malang in their memory.


Today – November 9, 2016 – the participants and committees are about to visit Batu and have a dinner with the mayor of Batu City. (*FDA)