UM iCAMP as A Strategy for Promoting Indonesian Culture to the World

The first international camp, namely UM iCAMP, which was held by Office of International Affairs Universitas Negeri Malang in collaboration with Universitas Airlangga was running smoothly with the 65 selected participants from 44 countries. The whole participants were enjoying the five-day international event. Not only the participants, committees and student volunteers were also excited to be part of the program.



The whole international participants have experienced of a priceless trip around East Java area, such as Bromo Mountain, Batu City, Malang City, Malang District, and Surabaya City. They also experienced riding MACITO (Malang City Tour) bus, watching UM local pageant competition, having municipal gala dinner with mayor of Malang, mayor of Batu, Tourism and Cultural Department of Malang District.



Universitas Negeri Malang was granting a whole Indonesian Cultural Attraction and facilitating the participants with Indonesian and local culture lecture. Indonesian Language Classes was the notable camp programs as it was distinguished into two different days and taught by special instructor from BIPA Universitas Negeri Malang. The participants also learned Gamelan and Traditional Dance and at the last day of program they had to perform Indonesian cultural dances at the premier stage of Sasana Budaya Building. 



At the present time, Indonesia possesses foreign relation with 70 countries across the globe. One of Indonesian international cooperation has been embodied info educational field. As the world-wide participants attend this international camp, it was the first time for UM to present global experience for the participants whom delegated either by other diplomatic local universities and global universities. Involving local committees and student volunteers from various regions in Indonesia, this camp bestowed unity in diversity experience among the participants and local committees. (*FDA)