Learning the Beauty of Indonesia Batik Cultural Camp

Two of Universitas Negeri Malang international students were attending an international camp with theme: "The Beauty of Indonesia Batik Cultural Camp" which was presented by STIKI Malang Office of International Affairs. The event was held on 21-26 November 2016. Paul Igunda Machumu, a KNB awardee from Tanzania, and Nguyen Thi Duc, a Darmasiswa awardee from Vietnam was selected as participants for the six-day event along with other eight international students from other universities.

On the event, the students were visiting Candi Badut, which is located in Tidar, Malang. The students were expected to broadly learning about batik by designing their own batik on class and visiting Batik Joyokusumo, Blitar, to enhance their knowledge and study the beauty of Batik as Indonesian cultural design of cloth. Not only those place, the students were also visiting Kampung Cokelat, Blitar.

Shinta Amalia, an International Affairs intern was also liaising with the students in Batik Class. As the purpose of the camp, participants were expected to comprehend in Indonesian Culture Indonesian Culture and be an agent of Indonesian culture in their home country. (*FDA)