About OIA UM


The Office of International Affairs has a function to internationalize the university, through various programs: cooperation programs which encouraged the government, such as joint degree programs and double degree programs, as well as through various breakthroughs that can be in trying to do, such as:

(a) raising funds from various institutions within and abroad,

(b) the establishment of centers that can be a bridge of cooperation between the university and institutions abroad.

Thus the Office of International Affairs should design, develop strategies, seek funding and resources from Indonesia and abroad, to carry out foreign cooperation at the university level, bilateral and multilateral. It should cover academic cooperation and nonacademic (PP No. 17/2010), the university management, education, research and community service (Permendiknas 26/2007).


The daily activities of  the Office of International Affairs is to deal with any higher education services sector that is very concerned with the quality for the sake of national importance and trust along with the university or partner institutions with the aim to raise the rankings into World-Class University. Nevertheless, in the current, HI is more concerned to provide education and international experience for students from Indonesia. This priority is very important for development of human resources in Indonesia.


The Office of International Affairs (OIA) serves international students who attend UM with these following services:

OIA Responsibility:

- Legal & immigration support

- Finding opportunities (Scholarships, cooperation, joint programs, etc.)

- Holding international programs of the university & government

- Hosting foreign delegates


OIA Irresponsibility:

- VISA acquiring (except for special causes)

- Executing international deals, as it is already taken care by cooperation and Public Relations Department