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UM iFest is one of the international programs organized by Office of International Affairs (OIA), Universitas Negeri Malang (UM). It is an expansion of UM’s flagship annual summer program, UM iCamp. Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, thus the restriction on domestic and international travels, UM iCamp has to be put on hold. Yet, to answer the international demand on learning Bahasa Indonesia and the diversity of Indonesian cultures, OIA has come back stronger to offer an innovative virtual summer program, UM iFest since 2020.

UM iFest is collaborating with the Ministry of Education and Culture Research and Technology in 2021. This year, UM iFest is merging with the Ministry’s program for Beasiswa Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB Scholarship), International Student Summit (ISS). This is the second time UM has been trusted by the Ministry to organize ISS. The naming for this year has thus changed to ISS-UM iFest 2021 to indicate the special occasion. The program which will be delivered in two phases comprises language and cultural orientation program for the new awardees and enrichment program for the existing awardees.

The first phase of ISS-UM iFest 2021 is dedicated to 2021’s KNB Scholarship awardees. Conducted in 23-25 August 2021, the program offers basic course on Bahasa Indonesia, as well as a series of elective courses, including culinary and culture.

The second phase is competition. ISS-UM iFest will open several competition branches for existing and new KNB awardees. Stay tune for more information.


  • To offer basic course on basic Bahasa Indonesia;
  • To introduce Indonesian diversity;
  • To provide information on navigating life in Indonesia.



1st place: $150

2nd place: $100

3rd place: $75

Speech and News Reading:

1st place: $175

2nd place: $125

3rd place: $100

Vlog and Music Video:

1st place: $250

2nd place: $200

3rd place: $150


For General Rules
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Make a YouTube VLOG about Indonesian Culture/Education/Culinary.

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Voice your idea about Culture and Education in Indonesia through a speech.

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Music Video

Record your euphonious voice in singing an Indonesian song, harmonize it with your brand new creative video clip (music video).

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Write an essay about Indonesian culture/your country culture, COVID-19, or something you see in Indonesia.

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News Reading

Challenge your great news reading skill.

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Online Workshops

Indonesia 1O1

Indonesia is the homeland of diverse cultures, traditions, and languages. Each region has its own local tradition and language. To unite the nations, Bahasa Indonesia is chosen to be the official and national language of Indonesia.

Indonesian Coffee

Various Indonesian local coffees from different regions are ready to fresh your mind. How to make a perfect cup of coffee? Let's be the barista today at home. Have a great coffee!

Indonesian Culinary

In Indonesia, particularly Malang, Indonesian traditional street foods are easy to find. Exploring various Indonesian traditional street foods will be fun! In this workshop, you will not only watch and see, but also try to make one in your kitchen.

Indonesian Traditional Songs and Musics

Exploring songs and music from other countries with different languages is not something new in this era. Even so, have you ever thought about exploring the traditional ones? They are really fascinating yet full of meaning.

Indonesian Traditional Dance

Indonesia has a number of traditional dances in every corner. In this workshop, you will see some dancers performing their movements. Together with you, we will practice it while learning. Enjoy the dance!

Competition Registration

Important Dates.

Registration: August – 29 October 2021

Project submission deadline : 30 October 2021

Announcement : November 2021

Workshop Registration

Important Dates.

Workshops: 23 – 25 August 2021

Workshops Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UM iFest 2021?

It is a virtual summer program presented by UM iFest by Universitas Negeri Malang in collaboration with ISS (International Student Summit) of KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang) by the Ministry of Education and Culture Research and Technology in order to introduce Indonesian language and culture to international students (non-Indonesian), especially KNB students.

How to apply to this event?

a. To apply for online workshop, register to (here)
Applicants will receive an email of succesful registration. a. To apply for online competition, register to (here)
Applicants will receive an email of succesful registration.

What is the aim of this program?

The program aims to provide overseas fellows to learn Indonesian language, culinary and cultures.

Who can join UM iFest?

ISS-UM iFest 2021 is designed for all KNB students.

When is the registration deadline?

The registration of online competitions will be closed on 29 October 2021.

Is this program free?

Yes, this program is free since all of the programs will be online-based.

Is one participant allowed to join more than one competition?

Yes, they are allowed to join more than one competition.

Are participants who do not join the workshops allowed to join the competition?

Yes, they are allowed.

I am an Indonesian or I am an Indonesian student studying abroad. Can I apply for UM iFest?

No, you cannot. ISS-UM iFest 2021 is only for KNB students.

Can we make a team to join the competition or must it be individual?

Essay, Speech, and News Reading Competition must be individual, while Vlog and Music Video Competition can be individual or in a group.

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