How to apply

(General Participants)

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Alumnae, lecturers, or students from other universities (non UM) in Indonesia who wish to join our lecture series. The applicants have the opportunity to choose any lectures according to their interests. There is no minimum number of attendance required and no obligation to conduct a final project. The participants will also get an e-certificate after joining the lecture series.

Required Documents

1 A scan of ID card
2 A scan of English proficiency certificate/English proficiency prediction (TOEFL/TKBI/IELTS/IBT) (Optional)


1      You can choose the course you are interested in
2      Direct learning from experts
2      New insights
2      International experience & network
3      E-Certificate

Tentative Timeline

Registration Deadline : 24 hours before the scheduled   of the selected lecture(s)
Announcement :

How to apply

1      Prepare the required documents.
2      Fill out the registration form here

The Criteria of Selection

1 Demonstrates a strong commitment to active participation in Rethinking EurAsia Lecture Series from the beginning until the end of the courses
2 Indicates a serious interest in current issue in Europe and Asia
3 Indicates awareness of the issue on Years of Living Precariously: Maintaining Resilience amidst a Global Pandemic in Europe and Asia
4 Indicates an adequate proficiency in spoken and written English