Lecture 9

Trying Ethnography In Trying Times: A Researcher’s Reflection In Conducting Interpretive Study During Covid-19 Pandemic

Universitas Negeri Malang

The world stands still. Everyone is instructed to stay in their place. We are to maintain a safe distance from each other. If social research can be boiled down to understanding others, how can we achieve that without folding the distance that separate us and others? In this lecture, I will reflect on my own experience in managing the uncertainties of fieldwork during the ebbs and flows of the pandemic. I will describe the methodological adjustments that I trialed along the way to circumnavigate physical distance and the constantly changing rules of pandemic as well as the consequences that these adjustments bring into my analytical inquiry. What does the pandemic tell us about ethnography as a methodology and social inquiry enterprise in general? I will also discuss the ethical questions that I faced during my fieldwork, both as a result of the pandemic and the methodological alterations that I made. What does ethical research entail in times of great uncertainty and suffering? Finally, I reflect on the privilege and responsibility as a student of social study in doing research during a global health crisis.

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