Ravando Lie, M.A.
University of Melbourne

History of Health, History of Indonesian Revolution, History of Chinese-Indonesian Community in Indonesia.

Spanish Flu in Colonial Indonesia, 1918-1919; History of Sin Po Newspaper, 1910-1950.

C2014 (M.A); 2017-Now (PhD)

rlie@student.unimelb.edu.au ravandolie@gmail.com

Ravando is a PhD candidate in History, in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies (SHAPS) at the University of Melbourne. His thesis examines the Chinese-Indonesian newspaper Sin Po (1910–1965) as a lens to explore the political movements and transnational connections of Chinese-Indonesian society in colonial Indonesia. He is the author of Perang Melawan Influenza: Pandemi Flu Spanyol di Indonesia Masa Kolonial, 1918–1919 (2020) which examines the Spanish Flu pandemic in colonial Indonesia.