Dr. Yanuar Nugroho

Innovation Studies

Innovation in public sector

University of Manchester UK, 2007


DR. YANUAR NUGROHO is a social activist, senior academic, and practitioner in public policy, governance, and innovation. Co-founder and currently Senior Advisor of Centre for Innovation Policy & Governance (CIPG) Jakarta (since 2010), current Visiting Senior Fellow at ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore (since 2020), Honorary Fellow with the University of Manchester UK(2004-now, honorary status from 2015) and was Deputy Chief of Staff to the President (Deputy Minister level) for Analysis and Oversight of Strategic Issues on Social, Cultural and Ecological Affairs at the Executive Office of the President, Republic of Indonesia (2015-Oct 2019), and interim Deputy for Human Development and Culture (Oct-Dec 2019). Previously Director and Expert Adviser(Echelon 1 level) to the Head of the President’s Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight (UKP-PPP/UKP4) (2012-2014). He is also a council member of Open Government Partnership – the World Bank Multi Donor Trust Fund (2018-now) representing governments’ parties, serves as reviewer committee in UK’s Newton Fund/Newton Prize and Indonesia’s Endowment Fund for Education.