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UM iFest 2022
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About UM iFest 2022

UM iFest is an international program organized by Office of International Affairs (OIA), Universitas Negeri Malang (UM), originated as an expansion of UM’s on-site flagship annual cultural program, UM iCamp. Since the spread of covid-19 in 2019, UM iCamp had to be put on hold due to some international travel restrictions. The constantly increasing demand of international students to learn Bahasa Indonesia and to get closer with Indonesian culture, nevertheless, resulted in OIA’s coming back stronger with another flagship cultural short program, UM iFEST, which has been held virtually since 2020.

UM iFest 2022 aims to promote cultural exchange among the international participants. International students around the globe get to immerse themselves in Indonesian cultures through various online workshops and share their own cultures to other international audiences. Under the theme “Broaden your vistas, explore your potential”, UM iFest also invites the international participants to showcase their talent and creativity by joining one of the online competitions.

The first phase of UM iFest 2022 will be conducted on 10-12 November 2022. The program offers a basic course on Bahasa Indonesia, as well as a series of elective courses, including culinary and culture.

The second phase is competition. UM iFest will open several competition branches, including poster and dance cover. Stay tuned for more information.



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