Project Based Learning 2019 (Day 6)

The sixth day of the Project Based Learning Project, on July 20, 2019, took place in Dusun Sidorejo Desa Purwodadi Kecamatan Donomulyo Kabupaten Malang. The activity began with the visit of the participants to SDN Purwodadi 4. They were divided into six groups to teach English to students in grades 1 to 6. Each class was taught different material, such as numbers, variety of colors, animal names, dreams, greetings and introductions, also directions. Students are very interested and enthusiastic about the English learning by PBL participants since it was rare opportunity for them. They can learn from foreigners  which can be used as motivation to gain the highest knowledge.

The next activity is Focus Group Discussion with substitute parents of children of migrant workers and also local volunteers who help children of migrant workers to motivate themselves. Ibu Maslahah, as the coordinator, always directs substitute parents to become good parents for these children. She also said that each children has their own privileges, hence the way to educate them is also different depends on the child’s condition.

The discussion was also attended by one of the representatives of local volunteers who motivate the children of Dusun Purwodadi, including children of migrant workers. Putri , a girl from Desa Purwodadi who is 12th grade high school student, told about her experience of being one of the children of migrant workers. She also felt how difficult it was to be a child left by her parents to work abroad as well. After the FGD is finished, the participants take a break for lunch.

The activity continued with a discussion to prepare for the National Children’s Day that will be held tomorrow (7/21). The children of Dusun Sidorejo are divided into five groups, and later they will perform a show together with the participants in one group. They practice their performance, for instance poetry, dancing, singing, and so on.

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