Exploring The Beauty of Wedi Awu Beach

The fourth day of UM iCamp 2019 was a beach trip. Were fully sponsored and supported by the Culture and Tourism Office of Malang, all of the 54 participants of 38 countries were invited to go to Wedi Awu Beach, Malang Regency. This was the third time of UM iCamp 2019 and the Culture and Tourism Office of Malang had a cooperation in introducing Malang tourism to international students. Wedi Awu Beach was a new beach which was just opened by the Culture and Tourism Office of Malang to welcome the 54 participants of UM iCamp 2019 to have camping on 19 August 2019.

When all the participants of UM iCamp 2019 arrived at the beach, they were directed to see the beach. They had lunch at the beach also. The music was already played to enliven the atmosphere at beach. Many Malang Regency Officials were also gathering at the beach to see and make sure that the activities run well.

After having a lunch, the participants were enjoying their time and activities at the beach. They went around the coasts around Wedi Awu Beach (Bolu-Bolu Beach, Lenggoksono Beach, and Banyu Anjlok Beach) by boats and took pictures together on the spot. Not only participants but also committees and staff who did not join the boat spent their time together at the beach: dancing, surfing, jet ski, playing in the water, walking and running along the beach, taking pictures, or chilling at the beach enjoying the beautiful scenery of Wedi Awu Beach.

UM iCamp 2019 in collaboration with the Culture and Tourism Office of Malang gave the opportunity to the UM iCamp Participants of visiting and enjoying the new beach of Malang to the UM iCamp 2019 Participants. This will also help Malang Regency in growing their tourism destination and hopefully will attract both local and international tourists more. Broaden Your Vistas, Elevate Your Global Endeavour. To the participants, this will uplift their sense of discovering something new by traveling and learning new things which will open their minds and experiences widely.

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