TESTIMONY: Mar Pang Nang Sar (KNB Awardee 2013/2014)

TESTIMONY: Mar Pang Nang Sar (KNB Awardee 2013/2014)

Mar Pang Nang Sar (Academic 2013/2014)

I am Mar Pang Nang Sar (M Nang Sar), a daughter of Mr. M A Ter and Mrs. Nang Hee Nin Sar and was born in Putao, Kachin State, Northern Myanmar (Burma) on July 16, 1991. I finished my bachelor degree in English Literature in English Department at Dagon University, Yangon in 2012. In 2013, I could continue my master degree Indonesian Language Education, in State University of Malang, by awarding Kemitraan Negara berkembang (KNB) Scholarship from Indonesian Government. And I completed my research which is concerned with Cross- linguistic influence in Indonesian language learning of Indonesian International School Yangon students on July 2016.
Learning a new language system, including its edcuation system, literature and culture in a new enviroment, it wasnt easy for me at first. But having preparation Indonesian class for one year, it supported me alot to step master degree. Intensively and patiently, teachers and tuitors did teach and show the ways for the necessaries. I could be able to understand gradually and to talk with friends and also other local people. The more I communicated with Indonesian people, the more I felt I can unlock one more window from which to look at the world.
It went well in my studying of all semesters even though having some obstalces that I might face. Lectures are in-patient and good in their lecturing. Classmates are friendly, generous and love to help too. With my studying, I get more knowledges concerned with Indonesian Language, its interesting literature and education system.
Till to reach the target of success, we must try assiduously. Success will not come to us but we. The most important is to trust in God, pray and do in Action.

“Learn a new language and get a new soul because language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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