The Send-off of SEA Teacher Program Participant Students conducted directly by the Rector of Universitas Negeri Malang, Prof. Dr. Haryono, M.Pd on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. The Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia aimed to give opportunities for students to teach in schools in Southeast Asia. This program is coordinated by SEAMEO and involves various universities in Southeast Asia. Other than focusing on the teaching practice, the Rector of UM delivered that students must be creative, innovative and able to seek opportunities mainly in academic and entrepreneurship in the host country.

Pre-departure series

The Send-off of Students Conducted by the Rector of UM, Prof. Dr. Haryono, M.Pd and Attended by Dr. Evi Eliyanah as the Director of Office of International Affairs.

Living in a country with a different culture will cultivate student’s adaptability and broaden their perspective in dealing with diversity. Through this diversity, students are expected to seize opportunities, including teaching or professional prospects, as well as opportunities in the economics sector such as export and import. This becomes a resource for students to develop their potential in the future.

This activity is closely tied to the cooperation and support of all parties involved, mainly LPPP and Office of International Affair UM that participate actively as the technical coordinator of the program. After postponed during the pandemic, in this year, UM delegates 15 students from various majors including S1 English Education, S1 Mathematic Education, S1 Science Education, S1 Physical and Health Education, and S1 Elementary Education. Students will be teaching for 1 month in the partner university’s lab school. All 15 students will be placed in Thailand, specifically Chiang Rai Rajabhat University and Lampang Rajabhat University, and in the Philippines specifically Far Eastern University, Philippine Normal University, and Pangasinan State University.

Each student has a different departure time according to the partner school’s timetable. The nearest departure schedule is set for August 27th to Lampang Rajabhat University. Dr. Evi Eliyanah as the Director of Office of International Affair in her introduction delivered that an investment in knowledge never loses, therefore, this program is a big opportunity that students should seize.


Documentation of SEA Program Participants and the university authorities.

In addition to sending 15 students as delegates, UM will also host 13 students from various partner universities to teach in UM Lab School. On August 16, UM welcomed 2 students from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. All inbound students will be placed in UM Lab School, including Lab Special, Lab Elementary School, Lab Junior High School, and Lab Senior High School. Students will be accommodated to stay in UM International Dormitory during the program.

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