5 Unique Things You Get From International Summer Camp Activities

Many international students are hyped when it comes to learning new languages and cultures. Thus, summer camp will be the perfect option for them. "Membatik" activities on UM iCamp 2023 Do you dream of experiencing new cultures and languages firsthand?  For many...

Important Announcement: Postponement of UM ISS Scholarship 2024 Acceptance Announcement

Dear Applicants, Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication throughout the UM ISS Scholarship 2024 application process. We have been truly inspired by the passion and commitment shown by each applicant. Your eagerness to contribute to our academic community is...

[UM iCamp 2024 Audience with Malang Regency government]

On Wednesday, June 12, Office of International Affairs Universitas Negeri Malang carried out a meeting regarding the implementation of the UM iCamp 2024 with the Regent of Malang Regency, the Head of the Malang Regency Education Office, and the Head of the Malang...


[OPEN APPLICATION FOR BIPACOMSI] Do you want to engage deeply with Indonesian culture, contribute to meaningful community projects, and build a network of international friends? Join BIPACOMSI (BIPA, COMMUNITY SERVICE & INTERNSHIP) for an unforgettable journey!...

NJITT Student Exchange Program at China (Partial Funded)

NJITT Student Exchange Program at China 2024 (Partial Funded) Are you ready for an incredible academic journey towards your academics and culture this autumn? Join the [Partially Funded] Student Exchange Program at Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology...

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MCUT Summer Camp 2024

MCUT Summer Camp 2024

Dàjiā hǎo, OIA de péngyǒumen! Great news for those looking for a summer camp in Taiwan, The MCUT Summer Camp 2024 is coming! Join us for an unforgettable 10-day cultural adventure in Taiwan. This summer camp offers an immersive experience where you'll marvel at the...

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Indonesia Day 2024

Indonesia Day 2024

Embark on a delicious journey with us! 🍲🌏 Join Indonesia Day's fun cooking event to uncover the secrets of traditional Indonesian recipes. Secure your spot now for an unforgettable experience—register at: https://bit.um.ac.id/IndonesiaDay2024 🎊 See you...

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Announcement Volunteer UM iCamp 2024

Announcement Volunteer UM iCamp 2024

[First Announcement of Volunteer UM iCamp 2024] Congratulations to the applicants who have passed the administration selection stage. The next selection round is the interview session. Details for applicants who passed the first selection stage can be accessed through...

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Join the UM iCamp 2024 Volunteer Team! 🚀

Join the UM iCamp 2024 Volunteer Team! 🚀

🌍 Dive into the Adventure! Join the UM iCamp 2024 Volunteer Team! 🚀 Hey, OIA Fellas! Ready to dive into a whirlwind of cultural exchange and global friendship? Become a driving force behind UM iCamp 2024! Embark on an...

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International students are students who come from overseas to study at UM. Making an invaluable contribution to education, culture and economy. 

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