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UM Conducted a Studium Generale “Nasionalisme dalam Pergaulan Antar Bangsa” and Eazy Intal Service for International Students

Thursday, September 7th 2023 The Office of International Affairs Universitas Negeri Malang (OIA UM), in collaboration with UPT Lapasila and UPT Perpustakaan, held a Studium Generale entitled "Nasionalisme dalam Pergaulan Antar Bangsa". The event featured a...

UM International Students Welcoming Session for KNB, UM ISS, and Darmasiswa Programs 2023

A welcome speech was delivered by the Office of International Affairs of Universitas Negeri Malang to new international students enrolled in the academic year 2023/2024. This event was attended by 84 international students from various programs on September 4, 2023,...

10 Universitas Negeri Malang students participated in GLOBAL OUTREACH PROGRAM activities at UiTM Negeri Sembilan

The Faculty of Applied Sciences at UiTM Negeri Sembilan Branch successfully hosted an event titled Global Outreach Program 6.0 (GOP 6.0) from August 21 to 25, 2023. The event encompassed a formal welcoming ceremony, esteemed guest lectures, cultural presentations, and...

Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) Welcomed Two Outstanding Students from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (CRRU) Thailand in the SEA Teacher Program 2023

Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) is proud to announce the arrival of two outstanding students from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (CRRU) Thailand to participate in the SEA Teacher 2023 program. Their arrival marks a momentous event in international academic cooperation...

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International Inbound Students

International students are students who come from overseas to study at UM. Making an invaluable contribution to education, culture and economy. 

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Experience global engagements for students, staffs, and lecturers through series of programs and scholarships available for you.

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at the Office of International Affairs, we are dedicated to delivering global services that meet the unique needs for the internationalisation of the institution. Click the button below to find out more.


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Welcome to the Office of International Affairs at Universitas Negeri Malang (UM), Indonesia. Serving as the core centre for all things international, we foster global connections and realize international aspirations from assisting international inbound and outbound mobilities of students and staffs to organizing international cooperation. With a team of professionals, we are dedicated to nourishing international collaborations that enrich the international trace of Universitas Negeri Malang.


UM is highly opened for any partnerships with other universities and educational institutions from around the globe.

Need any inquiries? You can contact us through our email address at oia@um.ac.id

Latest News

UM-UTM Collaborative Visit

UM-UTM Collaborative Visit

Pada rentang 30 Januari hingga 2 Februari 2023, Rektor UM memimpin delegasi UM untuk melakukan perjalanan kerjasama ke salah satu mitra terdekat UM, yaitu Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) di kampusnya di Johor Bahru dan Kuala Lumpur. Lawatan ini bertujuan untuk...

Open Recruitment – Internship at OIA UM Batch XI

Open Recruitment – Internship at OIA UM Batch XI

Office of International Affairs, Universitas Negeri Malang, kembali membuka pendaftaran program Internship di OIA UM batch XI. Program internship ini merupakan salah satu program unggulan OIA yang bertujuan untuk memberikan mahasiswa kesempatan ikut serta dan...

UM IPF 2022

UM IPF 2022

Application for an international postdoctoral fellow at UM is open for those who:is a non-Indonesian citizenhas obtained a doctoral degree within the past 5 years at the time of application has published at least one (1) international publication at internationally...

UM IRSS 2022

UM IRSS 2022

Endowed by a grant of 2022 World Class University (WCU) funding, Universitas Negeri Malang (UM), Indonesia, is currently accepting applications for incoming international research students for the term of September 2022 - January 2023. This program is aimed at...

Career & Education Expo 2022

Career & Education Expo 2022

UM yang ada di Jakarta…Yuk merapat…!!! Jangan lewatkan kesempatan emas untuk bertemu UM dan 10 PTN yang terpilih menjadi bagian dari CAREER AND EDUCATION EXPO, Simposium International XIV Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Dunia!! Catat informasi pentingnya!! Hari : Sabtu...

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